People find all kinds of ways to use our theaters. Birthday parties are the most common, and lots of folks want to see a film with just the people they invite. But that's not all. We can set you up for most video games. If you have made your own film, we can host your premiere. We can handle podcasts, musical performances and comedy shows. We've even had a funeral home rent a theater from us — more than once.

Check out our rental packages below.

Rent-a-Theater packages

Bring your own blu-ray, DVD or gaming console

Prices apply for groups up to 50 people. For larger groups, please contact

  • $350 for 2 hours; $400 for 3 hours.
  • $50 to open the concession stand.
  • Drinks and other concessions sold at normal prices.

You are not allowed to charge admission.

Other events

Our theaters are available for a variety of purposes. For example:

  • Private screenings of new ("first-run") films we have booked for our regular, public shows.
  • Premieres of films by independent filmmakers.
  • Multi-day events such as film festivals or business seminars.

Costs will vary by the type of event, the size of your group and other considerations. Please contact us at or (978) 594-0912 to discuss the particulars of your event.