Brian Bayer-Larson Album Release Concert
Brian Bayer-Larson Album Release Concert

Brian Bayer-Larson Album Release Concert

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Thursday, Nov 2

Brian Bayer-Larson is a gifted songwriter and musician who’s been active for more than 20 years, but you just didn’t know about it. Working as a school teacher on the North Shore and being a father of (now) three kids, his is a talent that has been hidden for awhile.

Last winter Brian joined a writers’ group in Gloucester. Some of the attendees were writing essays and others poetry, but Brian’s contribution was new songs written in response to national events. The other members of the writers’ group loved them and encouraged him to record those songs and some of his older tunes on an album, which Brian cut this summer, and which will be released at the November 2 CinemaSalem performance.

When asked to described his sound, Brian responds, “I'd call it folk music. It's probably a blend of Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Neil Young and Mark Kozelek. I finger pick through most songs and I try to mix up my patterns and voicing. Bruce Cockburn has probably had the biggest impact on my songwriting.”

The album features a variety of genres, but all share Brian’s characteristic eloquent wordsmithing and infectious melodies, sung through his warm, intimate, and inviting voice.

Joining Brian on the November 2 show at CinemaSalem is Matt Patrei, another gifted musician. Brian describes his friend: “Matt is one of the most infectiously energetic people I know. We met in college and we were both Philosophy majors together. We spent hours talking and walking through the woods and around our campus processing our thoughts as well as just joking around and having fun. He's travelled a ton. He's lived in lots of interesting places and he always has some kind new interest that he's passionate about. His music is gorgeous. His voice sounds weathered but melodic, understated but wise. I think everyone that comes out on November 2 will be really glad to hear what Matt has to share.”
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