Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Thor, the fourth film from Marvel Studios (Iron Man 1+2, The Incredible Hulk), and the first of their two features this summer, comes out in 3D this Friday, May 6th. I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening for this film a few weeks ago and I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a film ever. Going in, I was really apprehensive about how well they would be able to pull off blending the world of the Asgardian gods with our world, especially after the realism of the first two Iron Man film and The Incredible Hulk – and then making it seem like it’s a part of that same shared universe – they pulled it off perfectly and it feels like it belongs right with the other films. Chris Hemsworth, a relative unknown before this film, turns in a star making performance as the God of Thunder himself and his charisma and charm really help to carry the movie to a new level. Anthony Hopkins, playing Odin, the king of the Gods chews scenery like the best of them and Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s brother Loki is a scene stealer. The acting isn’t the only thing in this movie that’s awesome, either. The design of Asgard is gorgeous, and the action is intense and, unlike a lot of recent action films and blockbusters, easy to follow. Just like the three previous Marvel Studios films, Thor does a good job with establishing the new characters in this shared universe while also referencing the other films and dropping some little tid bits leading up to next summers epic The Avengers. If my word isn’t enough to sway you to see this film, check out rotten tomatoes, where Thor is currently boasting a 92% with over 60 reviews.

So, are you excited for Thor? Because we here at CinemaSalem sure are. Thor opens in 3D at CinemaSalem on Friday, May 6th. For full showtimes and to purchase tickets in advance, check out our website.