Saturday, May 31st, 2014

The Purge came out about a year ago and even though it didn’t have the greatest reviews it was a hit. I believe it is because of the plot idea, for 12 hours once a year you are allowed to commit any crime and the all public services are down. This means you can go kill someone and just go on with your day the next morning, that is if you survive the night. Universal and Blumhouse decided they wanted to people to be able to get a taste of the world without actually saying “Go murder people.” They built a traveling, interactive, haunted house out of 4 semi trucks.

Throughout the summer they will be traveling to some major cities in the US (sadly not Boston) and people can go through the world of The Purge: Breakout. The idea is that you and your group (up to 6) get kidnapped by a crazy murder and you have to find your way out. You do this by traveling through looking for clues all around you to escape. There are no cellphones allowed and the only light is what they provide for you. Keep in mind they don’t want you to make it out so you have to keep your wits about you while they are trying to make you fail. Check out their website for dates, locations, and prices. Personally I hope I get the chance to test out my survivor instincts