Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Hey everyone, Star Wars Ep. 7 is a week away and we have some tips, rules, and regulations we would like to share with you. The most important thing is that you all have an awesome time!

-We currently still have tickets left for Star Wars Episode 7, but that doesn’t mean they will last. Please make sure to purchase tickets online or come in and get them at our box office.
– Buying your ticket online makes sure you have a seat for that show, but you still need to get a paper ticket printed out at our box office.
-We will have a separate station just for picking up tickets for at least the premiere and opening weekend. It will be located across from out box office.
– We will have a ticket checker so please make sure to have you ticket on you when going into the theater.

-We are not allowed to give any passes for this film for the first 17-days.
-This means we won’t be able to accept anyone’s full punch card.

Discount Days
-We are only allowed to have one discount day during the showcasing of this film at our theater.
-Tuesday for this period will be “Senior/Student/Teacher Tuesday”.

-Every show will have a line that starts after our mall entrance.
-Please do not try waiting in the lobby for this movie.
-This will help with over crowding and spoilers.


-If you cause in trouble in the lines you will be refunded your ticket and asked to leave. We want this to be a great experience for everyone involved so please be kind.
-Any disturbances (loud/constant talking, cell phone use, throwing objects, and anything else we consider harmful to the enjoyment of the show) during the film can lead to your expulsion from the theater without a refund.
-If you are caught recording/taking pictures of the movie we will call the cops. Pirating films is considered a federal offense so please don’t cause that kind of ruckus.
-Enjoy yourself!


-We encourage you to be creative and dress up, but we do ask of you to not bring in any sort of weapon. This does include lightsabers.

-If you bring in a weapon we will ask you to bring it back to your car.

-If that isn’t possible we will hold onto it for you until after your movie.

-If you harm anyone with one, we will confiscate it and love it like it was our own.

-I hope this goes without saying, but no real weapons are allowed into the theater at all, ever.

If you have any questions or concerns please ask our staff or email . Thank you for being such awesome folks and we will see you at the movies!