Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The Salem Film Festival is less than a week away! We are going to talk about passes, tickets, rules, and some basic information so you’re ready for anything.

We have three different kind of passes you can purchase for the festival. Single tickets are $11 for adults and $9 for seniors (ages 60+)  and students (must provide an ID).

  1. The All Access Pass that costs $175 for adults and $165 for seniors/students. You will get into all the films you can cram in for free and the events. This also gives you the opportunity (for a few moments) to take your seat before everyone else. This is one of the best ways to help support the festival
  2. The All Film Pass is $120 for adults and $100 for seniors/students. This will get you into the films for free.
  3. The Weekend Pass is $100 for adults and $80 for seniors/students. This will get you into the films that play Friday-Sunday.

Please note that having a pass is very different than having a ticket. You can pick up the tickets for the films you wish to see at our box office during operating hours. Tickets must be shown before entering the theater so please keep your ticket some where safe and loved.

Sellout rules and being on time:

Sellouts occur for many films throughout the festival. We ask everyone to be in their seats by the scheduled start time of the film. If there is a sellout and we have empty seats in the theater by this time we will be releasing those seats to people who are waiting.

As you may know our 18-seat Screening Room is small. Due to the size we will not let anyone into the theater after the film has started.

If you have already obtained a ticket to a film and need to each switch it out or just cannot come please inform us and we will help you the best we possibly can.


There will be four forums that are free to the public. They are the Mass Reality Check, The Alliance of Women Film Journalists Present “Storytelling Skills Sets for Documentarians”, The Alliance of Women Film Journalists Present “The Obligations and Limitations of Engagement”, and Doc-a-chusetts. All of these forums will be taking place at P.E.M.

The tickets for these forums will be available that day only and it will be first come first serve. You will only be able to get them at P.E.M.  We suggest being there 15 minutes early to guarantee yourself a seat.


This year we are happy to have so many more films being exhibited at P.E.M! They will be holding the opening and closing films this year and a bunch in between. They will be selling tickets this year at their information desk, but only until 4:30pm. If you are wishing to attend a P.E.M. film later in the evening please make sure to get your ticket in advance or stop by CinemaSalem before heading over.

Also, please note there are no food and drink allowed in P.E.M.

The most important part:

Enjoy yourself!


Please visit the official website to see the films and schedules!