Monday, August 31st, 2015

I started watching horror movies at far too young of an age. My Grandma was really into the classic horror scene, but there was only so many times a 5 year-old could watch The Blob.

A year or so later my Dad started to let me be in the room while Freddy, Chucky, Jason, and IT (the most awful thing to have happened to me to date) were playing on the TV. Needless to say all sorts of creative nightmares and coping mechanisms began. The classic running and jumping into the bed so nothing under it would grab me, NEVER sleeping because of Freddy (Dad’s favorite), closets blocked or completely filled up to the top so nothing could fit into it (Mom’s favorite), and the start to many gift returns because I wouldn’t accept any dolls. It was safe to say my horror movie days were done.

Then I watched Scream, again way too young, but it was the best thing. Ever. It was the first horror movie that I watched every second, yelled at the screen, and enjoyed myself. Instead of the blanket being over my head it became a blanky parka (blankets become blankies during horror movies don’t act all big and bad) with my knees tucked up to my chin. I still watch horror movies that way and it is only occasionally embarrassing.  Wes Craven created my first horror movie, not my parent’s or grandparent’s, but mine. He opened back up the horror genre for me and I haven’t looked back.

Sadly, Wes Craven passed away yesterday from his battle with brain cancer. I would like to thank him for giving us Freddy, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left, Swamp Thing, The People Under the Stairs, Serpent and the Rainbow, and many others.

In honor of Wes Craven we will be having a free showing of The People Under the Stairs on September 24th at 8pm.