Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Hey everyone! We hope your October is going as awesomely as possible. We have some great events coming this up in the next few weeks that you should come to.

From October 20th-23rd (only one show on the 23rd) Tusk will be playing. It is the new Kevin Smith horror film starring Justin Long, Genesis Rodriguez, Haley Joel Osment (crazy right?!), and Michael Parks.

On October 23rd at 7pm we will be having a one time show of Mudbloods. This is a documentary about collegiate Quidditch. Wynott Wands will be joining us to selling Harry Potter merchandise and the CinemaSalem Cafe will be open and serving homemade Harry Potter drinks!

October 24th at 10pm The Bridgewater Triangle will be having a one time show. You can get their tickets on .  There will be a Q&A after the event with the filmmakers!

From Oct. 27th-30th we will be having our Horror Fest!

The 27th is Korean Night with The Host and I Saw the Devil.

The 28th is Nazi Zombie Night with Dead Snow and Dead Snow 2.

On the 29th we have All Hail Satan Night with House of the Devil and The Exorcist.

On the last night, the 30th, it is Slasher Night with Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and the original Halloween.

How awesome is that?!  See you soon!