Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

THR reports that Focus will be partnering with the animation studio LAIKA for another 3D stop motion animation project. The company’s last collaboration, Coraline, (adapted from the Neil Gaiman novel), was heralded as a breakthrough in 3D animation and was a hit with both critics and movie goers. Grossing a respectable $75 million or so domestically, it isn’t surprising Focus is have a go at another originalanimation project. The new film, titled ParaNorman will be directed by Tale of Despereaux vet Sam Fell from an original script by Coraline storyboard supervisor Chris Butler. Voice talent includes Casey Affleck and Anna Kendrick among many others and the film is slated for a late Summer 2012 release. As a big fan of both the animation and 3D in Coraline, I’m pretty stoked for ParaNorman! Read the full report here.