Small Screen on the Big Screen



Small Screen on the Big Screen is Back! Check out upcoming totally-free shows posted to the left.

Some of the most interesting acting, screenwriting, and cinematography is on television these days.

Not surprisingly, passionate and fun fan communities have formed around shows like “Lost”, “24″, and “Friday Night Lights”. In 2008 we thought it might be fun to show the whole season of “Lost” at CinemaSalem on the big screen — for free! And people loved it. By the series finale, more than 170 people were regularly turning out to enjoy a great show in the best viewing and sound conditions, with their new best friends. Perhaps you saw the articles about it in the Salem News and Art Throb.

Suggest a Show
So this coming year we’re asking our filmloving patrons again what TV shows they’d like to watch on the big screen, and the answers are pouring in. We can only show programs that air after 9 pm on Monday-Thursday, so check your TV Guide and let us know your selections by stopping by the box office the next time you’re in CinemaSalem, or send us a message.

CinemaSalem is a four-screen independent community movie theater located in historic downtown Salem, MA. Focusing on quality first-run feature films, art films, and passionate documentaries, CinemaSalem is a friendly and affordable alternative to the megaplex experience, and features the best popcorn you've ever tasted! Perhaps that's why filmlovers recently voted it the "Best North Shore Movie Theater." [Learn More]