Friday, January 3rd, 2014

A few years back we showed a movie in the Screening Room called Dead Snow. It. Was. AWESOME. It was about Nazi zombies against campers and one guy named Martin escaping in the most fun of fashions. Pure chaos zombie murders! I think you can see it on Netflix. The second one, Dead Snow: Red vs Dead, is back with all the same writers, director, and Vegar Hoel will be reprising his role as Martin.

The summary has spoilers so you should watch the trailer first.

When we last left Martin he had a severed arm and got into a car crash. We pick up with him waking up in the hospital with having two arms. That’s fantastic news right? WRONG. The doctors unknowingly attached one of the Nazi zombie’s arms to Martin leaving him with some super strength. He knows what he has to do with this new gift and that’s kicking some zombie ass!