Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Once a month we will be holding Cinematography Screenings. These meetings will be held on Thursday nights at 6pm in our cafe. From the meeting you will go to view the showcased film of the month for $6. Please remember to mention the Cinematography meeting at the box office so you can get the correct pricing. These screenings are to bring together talent from every department of film making (even ones who are just truly interested in the topic) to view and discuss great examples contemporary film making on the big screen.

Our next screening will be April 10th to showcase Noah. Check out the summary below (from our Cinematography Screening monthly email) to get a hint of what the topics of discussion will be.

Darren Aronfsky’s Noah just topped the North American Box Office
charts on its opening weekend.

Originally criticized by some religious groups and banned in some countries, the film had found wide audience among people of faith and secularists for its thoughtful portrayal of a man wrestling with questions of justice and mercy.

And besides presenting an existential dilemma, the film offers a visual banquet of delights, superintended by Director of Photography, Matthew Libatique, ASC, whose techniques we’ll review by looking at making-of footage and reviewing the
production process. Were the torrential rains actually controlled
from a single iPad? (Yes.) How much of the ark was “real” and
how much was digitally added later? (25% – 75%) For more
fascinating questions and answers, come to the April
Cinematography Screening at CinemaSalem.

We hope to see you all here next week!