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CinemaSalem Screen Advertising
Your business, restaurant, or travel destination can reach attractive, upscale new customers using one of today’s most exciting and effective new advertising media, while supporting the North Shore’s newest movie theater, CinemaSalem. As Nielsen Research has noted, “Going to the movies is a happy, transforming experience with family and friends — an environment where consumers are in a frame of mind to be entertained and receptive to advertising messages.”

Facts about CinemaSalem Screen Advertising:
-will reach 75,000-100,000+ affluent and well-educated citizens in the next year
-will entertain moviegoers for the 15-19 minutes (on average) between arrival at theater and showtime
-will consist of an entertaining mix of rolling video as well as ten-second still images, six per minute for 15 minutes (all ads will be shown in all four theaters prior to every show)
-will represent a 50%-50% mix of advertising messages and entertainment

CinemaSalem Screen Advertising is effective, affordable, and flexible:
-catch your customers when they’re relaxed and focused on your message
-reach 75,000-100,000+ upscale, educated consumers for about a nickel each
-change your message as often as you like, and choose between short- and long-term subscriptions

Set up and design fee: $65 per message (or $40 if you provide artwork to our specifications)

“Executive Producer” Subscription (3 messages before all movies on all screens)
Three Months $435 per month
Six Months $365 per month
One Year $325 per month

“Director” Subscription (1 message before every movie on every screen)
Three Months $166 per month
Six Months $150 per month
One Year $133 per month

Special Offers:
-10% discount for Salem Chamber of Commerce members!

Supporting CinemaSalem with screen advertising also helps support a vital and vibrant downtown Salem, and helps enhance the cultural quality of life on the North Shore. For information, please call Paul Van Ness at 978 744-0660, or fill out the “advertise form” on the left and we’ll get in touch with you.

CinemaSalem is a four-screen independent community movie theater located in historic downtown Salem, MA. Focusing on quality first-run feature films, art films, and passionate documentaries, CinemaSalem is a friendly and affordable alternative to the megaplex experience, and features the best popcorn you've ever tasted! Perhaps that's why filmlovers recently voted it the "Best North Shore Movie Theater." [Learn More]