Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Hey there faithful Walking Dead fans! We have noticed that over the last few days you’ve been inquiring as to whether we’ll be showing it on the big screen again when the mid season premiere happens on Sunday. The answer is no, and here’s why. Towards the end of the last part of the season we received a cease and desist letter from AMC demanding that we not show episodes of their show because the screening was unlicensed. We responded that our business license from Direct TV allowed us to show television to our customers. We continued showing you the episodes.

After the season finale, we got another letter, which said that our business license was irrelevant because of the size of our screen. We did not respond because we were in the process of switching from Direct TV to Comcast. We did not think it would be useful to appeal to Direct TV since we were going to be discontinuing service with them. Comcast has since told us that they do not think screen size is relevant to whether or not our screenings are licensed, but have yet to produce anything in writing to that effect. So we will not be screening The Walking Dead until we feel secure in our legal right to do so (which may be never).

It is worth pointing out that we have always shown television content with the understanding that we were licensed to do so. We are not in the business of doing unlicensed presentations. That said, it is unfortunate that AMC cannot see the value of getting such an enthusiastic group together to watch and enjoy their show. It is difficult to imagine how there is value in using their resources to shut down such an enthusiastic bunch of fans.

We hope we can get it worked out and deliver good news in the future, but our whole business model is built upon the notion that content should be properly licensed. So if we are not absolutely sure that any content is not properly licensed, we will not show it. Thanks for coming out for the first half of the season. I promise that it was as fun for us as it was for you. We love you guys!