Friday, February 1st, 2013


As you know, we’re screening all three flavors of Oscar-nominated short films this week: Live Action, Animated, and Documentary.

It turns out that the father of one of the nominated filmmakers lives in Marblehead. His name is Richard Buckley, father of writer/director Bryan Buckley, a graduate of Swampscott High, the filmmaker behind Asad, a 17-minute film about a Somali refugee. Ty Burr in the Boston Globe notes that the film “features a real sense of community and a delightful lead performance from Harun Mohammed as a Somali kid navigating a treacherous world.”

The Chicago Sun-Times offers similar raves: “The U.S./South African coproduction Asad effectively uses a cast of Somali refugees, offering a child’s-eye view of what initially appears to be a no-win scenario: In a small, war-torn Somali fishing village, a young boy Asad (Haroun Mohammed – a superb nonprofessional actor) faces a high-pressure choice between the dangers of ship-raiding or, in defiance of the heavily armed village pirates, the honest life of a traditional village fisherman. It’s been said that children are often wiser than the grown-ups around them; Asad embraces that sentiment with no-nonsense practicality.”

Richard Buckley has graciously offered to attend the Monday, 7:30 pm screening of the Oscar-nominated Live Action Shorts, to talk a little bit about the process his son used to create the film.