Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

So, what did you do during the blizzard this weekend? On Friday night, I thought, “oh, this is so nice and cozy! Here I am, not a thing to do, drinking tea and eating cheese and crackers and watching The Hunger Games. How perfect is life?!”. But Saturday afternoon, however, I was ready to explode. I rearranged my books. Twice. I walked aimlessly back and forth across my apartment simply because the acted of sitting was starting to make me angry. I ate a ton of junk continuously.

I regret to say that I did not spend much of my time locked away in seclusion on flexing my creative muscle. But this guy sure did.

New York artist Brian Maffitt decided to put “The Lorax” in his projector, then aim it out of his window. He videotaped and photographed the results, both of which are absolutely stunning pieces of art. Lucky he didn’t lose power, right? We’d never get to see these cool, whimsical images if he had. What a cool way to perceive a movie!

For many more images, check out Maffitt’s Flickr Photostream. Here is the video he also created.